Custom Prada Shoes Anyone?

Custom Prada Shoes Anyone?

That’s right you can have your very own custom personalized Prada Shoe(s), ordered here in Toronto!

Prada in Yorkdale opened 4 days before Christmas, which meant they didn’t have an opening party until now and boy oh boy do they plan on making up for it.

Here are the details of the event…

Prada Yorkdale will be receiving special Ready-to-Wear and handbag capsule collections directly from Italy, including the brand new Double Bag and Twin Bag. The main event however, is something that sounds far more interesting. You can create your own personalized Prada shoe! You can pick from 10 different styles (ranging from flats to heels), pick the material it is made of (satin, silk, leather, etc.), pick the colour of the insole and outer-sole of the shoe, and finally they will stamp your initials on the bottom of the shoe, just underneath the Prada logo. It’ll be your own, one-of-a-kind shoe!

There will be a 20% surcharge for the product when you come in. After, your order will be placed and sent to Italy. It’ll take about a month to make, but when it is finished, it’ll be wrapped up in a special box (matching your new shoes), and be ready for you to pick up in store.

This event is open to the public May 1-4th in the Prada store at Yorkdale Mall.

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