TFI Press and Buyers Brunch

Toronto Fashion also known as World MasterCard Fashion Week just happened this past week March 17-21.

One of the highlights during the week was the Toronto Fashion Incubators (TFI) Press and Buyers Brunch held at the tents. Every year this event gets better and better thanks to the tireless effort of Susan Langdon Executive Director. It has come a long way from it’s first inception. The 2 day trade show is a great one stop shop for buyers and media to meet 20 juried up-and coming Canadian designers. It is definitely on to something, and was an incredibly thought out and successful event. I think one of the most thoughtful aspects was that it was held during the day. It’s long been a complaint of serious fashion players that Toronto Fashion week starts at 5pm and goes to 11pm, not really conducive to conducting business. Hat’s off to the TFI for holding this trade show during the day. To me it solidifies how serious these people are to drive business. The cherry on top was there was even a delicious brunch available catered by the Ritz Carlton.

There were a few stand-out designers whose quality, workmanship and merchandising were bang-on:


Created by Jennifer Torosian and Raed Ali, Jennifer Torosian is a womenswear fashion brand. Clean and modern lines blended with elements of sleek tailoring make this label ideal for the professional working woman.



Sapphô by Kim Smiley jewelry collection marries antique and metallic lace with semiprecious gems, Swarovski crystal, vintage objects and precious metals. Each design is handmade and one of a kind. It’s light as air but has the gravitas of gold.



Aime by Monica Mei launched a brand new Resort line during fashion week on Kickstarter ( All pieces are made of eco-friendly viscose (plant-based fibre). FYI Shoppers can try on the new collection at the One of a Kind Show from March 26-30th at booth #Q21.



Wild Works is a line of unique hand-made women’s velour angora hats with delicate trimmings imported from all over the world. They are not only one size fits all but also have memory so they will retain their original shape if crushed.


Protecting Against Fashion Design Piracy

Fashion Group International (FGI) is holding a breakfast this Tuesday, March 25th.

Hosted by one of Toronto’s top Fashion Lawyers, Ashlee Froese will be answering all legal questions. You may ask who should attend… designers, creatives, store owners, buyers, really anyone who has a legal question related to product development, brand and design production.

Link to event:


Light pillars over Ontario


Light pillars form when a bright light (from the sun, the moon or man-made light sources) reflects off the surfaces of millions of falling ice crystals associated with thin, high-level clouds. The pillars, which are often mistaken for UFO sightings, are typically seen in polar regions and they might lengthen or brighten as you gaze at them.
Photographer Jay Callaghan shot the beautiful photo below, on his back deck in 25 February at 1:45 am , as he was looking northeast toward Chemong Road in Peterborough, Ontario.


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Surreal Digital Art by Ben Goossens

Amazing photography.



Ben Goossens worked for 35 years in his native Belgium as an ad agency art director. After retiring, Goossen’s turned to creating photo montages with a distinctive Surrealism style reminiscent of his fellow countryman, René Magritte.
Goossens’ images have received awards in a number of prestigious international photography competitions including Gold and Silver medals at the Trierenberg Super Circuit, the world’s largest annual photography salon. His composite photos are remarkable for their seamless yet painterly renderings of Surrealism dreamscapes.

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Insect Women by Laurent Seroussi



Photographer and graphic designer Laurent Seroussi  in his project entitled Insectes, fuses sleek female figures with the bodies of creepy crawlies. Using what he calls “visual tricks and post-production wizardry” glamourises creatures that would naturally make your skin crawl.

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They’re Baaaack… The Holiday Sweater Come-Back


Funny Light-Up Naughty Ugly Christmas Sweater With Dogs –

Just like blue eye shadow, what was once hot turned not has turned hot again. I’m talking about the Christmas sweater. The “uglier” the better.

I’ve personally always enjoyed a fair isle knit sweater with snowflakes for the cold season. However, it’s time to step it up and go for the holiday sweater.


Knitted Holly Jumper –

Well, for starters I was shocked to see major retailers such as Urban Outfitters and Top Shop selling Christmas sweaters. The price points are good and they are a cozy, cute way to get into the holiday spirit.

That said I am more interested in the “ugly” holiday sweater. So where you may ask does one get an ugly Christmas sweater these days?


Cat Ugly Christmas Sweater –

There is always Ebay. These sweaters are literally from the 80’s.


Lights Up Big vtg Tinsel Tree Ugly Xmas Womens Sweater Dress-


Or perhaps for those of you who enjoy the crafters touch, Etsy has a good selection.

Then there is



Yellow Snow Sweater –

However, all of the above pales in comparison to the naughty Christmas sweater.  My favourite site is (a Canadian company). I personally love the sweater with the 3 reindeer “doin’ it”


Reindeer “Menage A Trois” Sweater –


Makeup Turns Models into 2-D Pop Art Paintings

This would make a great fashion shoot.


2D or not 2D

2D or not 2D is a series made by photographer Alexander Khokhlov and make-up artist Valeriya Kutsan. The team was increased with Veronica Ershova who had leaded the process of retouching and post-production. The authors were inspired by two-dimensional posters. The key-idea of the project was to turn the models faces into the 2D images. Valeriya used different techniques of face painting so you can see a lot of variations – from sketch and graphic arts to water-colour and oil-paintings. This is a combination of interesting make-ups, studio photography experiments and careful retouching.

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